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Pardesi is a global community designed to celebrate, empower and amplify the voices of South Asian women worldwide.

With over 7k Pardesi community members across the world, we connect thousands of South Asian women through our content, articles and events. Our aim is to create a space underpinned by the messages of love and acceptance, encourage South Asian women to claim our multiple identities and also challenge traditions and conventions that go against who we are.


Pardesi Mentorship Programme is now LIVE !

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We are SO excited to launch the SECOND cycle of our GLOBAL mentorship programme for South Asian women and non-binary individuals!!!


We have 30+ mentors from a variety of industries 👩🏽‍🎨👩🏾‍💻(journalism, creative, business, law etc.) from around the world 🌏


The programme is completely FREE, will run for 6 months, and sessions will be held virtually once a month with access to a Slack community made of all the mentors and mentees on the programme so you can be part of a supportive environment at all times.


At the end of the sixth months, if you and your mentor agree, then you can extend the mentorship arrangement, although this will be outside of Pardesi’s programme. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.


Our programme is designed to provide professional support and development for South Asian women, as traditionally, we have lacked this support from our wider community. Pardesi seeks to form genuine connections within our community and provide our members with the tools they need to succeed.

Join our new Community Slack workspace!

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A piece of feedback we received was that our community wishes they had a way of talking directly to each other and meeting other South Asian women + non binary folk in their local cities and around the world!

💬 We created a slack space just for the Pardesi community

👥 You can network, connect and make friends with South Asian women + non binary people in your local city, and in cities around the world.

🎨 We have also created a channel for creatives to share their work + what they're up to!

🌼 Use our group chats to make friends, ask for recommendations and share fun events.

We currently have a limited number of location group chats based on what people have wanted + have indicated that our community is located. We are very happy to add more channels - just let us know :)


At Pardesi everything we do is underpinned by our aim to unite South Asian women around the world, and building a community is at the heart of this. South Asians have traditionally fixated on what divides us more than what unites us. Though we are careful to never present South Asian female communities as

homogenous groups, we focus on highlighting values and experiences which we can all connect to, in order to show that there is more uniting us than dividing us.


We employ an intersectional approach to our content, ensuring we are creating space for those from all backgrounds to share their voices and be heard. Not only this, we also celebrate the achievements and successes of South Asian women to show the world we are a force to be reckoned with, and not a submissive, powerless stereotype. We challenge the image of South Asian portrayed in mainstream spaces and raise the profiles of South Asian women in underrepresented industries.


We want to encourage people to share their stories and experiences. There is so much power in our own voices and stories and we create a safe space for these to be shared without judgement. True change comes from sharing our stories with the world. 


There is enough negativity surrounding the South Asian community, created by external voices and also created by our community itself. Pardesi strives to be a safe, POSITIVE space for all and does not support negative energy in our content. 




"Thank you for seeing me and thank you for running such a powerful and important page! The work you are doing is truly amazing"

"Love the space you have created"

"I just wanted to say that I love your page. I am all for South Asian women empowerment as I'm South Asian myself, so your page is sooooo needed!!! Keep going!"

"Love your content and the message you're spreading! Love seeing more representation of the South Asian female community"