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Pardesi is run by a core team of five women and a wider team of illustrators and content creators representing a cross section of South Asian and national identities. We also encourage our community to create content for us and collaborate with us as much as possible!

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Kaneeka Kapur is 21 years old and has dedicated herself to creating space to amplify South Asian women. Born and raised in the UK, she has experienced the marginalisation of South Asian women from both inside and outside the community, and is now working hard to change this. She founded Pardesi in 2020 and has since gone on to graduate from university with first class honours, break into a traditionally non-inclusive industry and be recognised for her activist work internationally. Contact her here


Shikha Gianchandani is the COO of Pardesi. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland around a tight-knit South Asian community. When she went on to pursue her Biomedical Science B.Sc. at the University of Warwick in 2018, she quickly noticed the different nuances of her Polish-Indian identity. The amalgamation of her university experience and upbringing fuels her passion for the platform, which she hopes will help South Asian women feel comfortable and empowered in owning their multifaceted identities. She’s also passionate about advocating for women breaking barriers in STEM.


Keerti Tadimeti is 26 years old and is passionate about breaking taboos in the South Asian community and being a voice for those who are still finding their own. As a child of Indian immigrants who was born and raised in the US, she has experienced (and continues experiencing) being a third-culture kid and joined Pardesi after starting her own blog (Filter the Chai) in order to connect to more individuals like herself. As she navigates her career in the Regulatory Affairs field, she loves being a part of the South Asian community and hopes to bring about healthy changes through everything she does.

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Anu Kumar is a South Asian-American scientist and writer living in Paris, France. Born to South Indian immigrants in the US then relocating to France, she is passionate about exploring and understanding the intersections of culture and identity in the global South Asian diaspora. She joined Pardesi in February 2021 as the Head Editor, helping South Asian women and non-binary individuals tell their stories and develop their writing skills. She has bylines in Huffington Post, Hinduism Today, WONK! Science, and actively writes on Medium. 

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Aleesa Nazeer is a 22 year old Biomedical Science student. She is originally Pakistani, but has spent her life living in different places around the world, majority being in Hong Kong and Bahrain. Spending so many years not connected with her roots, she is passionate about not only learning more about her cultural history, but how to incorporate her cultural background into being an intersectional feminist. In joining the amazing Pardesi team, the hope is to not only get further in touch with her cultural roots but to form some bonds and build friendships with some amazing South Asian women!